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A Short Vampire Story -  Vampires Online - Internet Connection ~ Act I

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

Jewel entered the chatroom, settling in for a relaxing night of frivolous chatter.  The chats were always entertaining, and a pretty brainless way to chill out for the evening.

And it was a cold evening at that.  Jewel had prepared a piping hot cup of cocoa with mini marshmallows that danced on top each time she propelled her keyboard into action.  The warmth felt good.

This particular chatroom, “Tavern of Gypsies” was quite full for a Thursday evening.  People were generally busy preparing for Friday and the weekend ahead.  Yes, it was definitely a full house – rather, a full tavern.  And it was a room that she’d never visited before.  In fact, the name wasn’t even ringing a bell.


The usernames were interesting: Dameon, Dressed to Kill, Tombstone, then some more common names with a zillion digits attached to the back.  But one name in particular captured Jewel’s attention.  Darkside.

His posts were curiously entertaining, seeming to separate his knowledge from the rest of the group’s.  Darkside was definitely advanced.

Jewel sipped at her cocoa, settling back into the fluffy cushion of her chair as she continued to watch the screen scroll before her.

Dameon:  So, just what are you searching for, Darkside?  You sound a little batty to me.

Dressed to Kill: LOL

Tombstone: LMBO

Jewel twisted her red lips to one side.  It was almost like the room was Darkside’s prey.  The responses to Dameon’s chatter were pretty much on target, identifying himself, Dressed and Tombstone as individuals who mocked something that they didn’t understand; something they feared.

Darkside: What am I searching for?  Obviously, for something that you don’t understand.

Jill Bird: Dark, try the over sixty chats.  Maybe they are more your speed!

Tombstone:  Falling off chair and LMBBO!!

Dameon: Hee hee!  Go Jill!

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