vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

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vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

Mirror Image - A human hull transformed into an everlasting prince of the night, a Vampire. So much is gained, but not without loss.

One with so many powers is now powerless to gaze into a simple looking glass.  What does this malaise represent? No turning back? A release from mankind, yet the need for mankind in order to survive?

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Vampire Stories - Please Won't You By My Neighbor

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn


Neighbors.  Drake Jones suddenly regretted moving to the suburbs.  It wasn’t a good place for vampires to live, and he was paying dearly for that mistake.

He lived in a middle-class area, the street littered with SUV’s that were used to collect goods from the market rather than blaze the blistering sands of the nearby beach, or the hills beyond.  Useless gas-guzzlers.  The monthly upkeep in payments, insurance and repairs probably superseded their owner’s monthly house payment.  Humans – an odd breed.


Drake wasn’t the most well liked man on the block, though he tried so hard to eschew kindness and a neighborly generosity.

Why, last Halloween he was the only one on the block that gave out the official candy that was wrapped in orange and black.

Timmy across the street has been the cruelest, saying, “Gee, thanks a lot, mister!”

Perhaps he would return to issuing copper pennies this year, Drake decided in silence.

Money; it was the one thing that seemed to please all people.

He’d also tried very hard to beautify the neighborhood, planting a stunning gothic garden in his front lawn.  

The only thing that got him was a ticket from the city and an order to remove the garden’s contents immediately!  It brought tears to his eyes as he uprooted the giant cacti, the patch of poison ivy, and the tiny man-eating plant that hemmed the sidewalk in front of his abode.  

The kids were certain to miss the beauty, for they used to stop often and admire the blooms on the cacti on their way to school each morning during daylight savings time.  That was the only time that Drake could watch them, for the sun wasn’t quite up during this special time of year.

He’d even done his best to deter crime and burglaries by installing blinking black lights on his front lawn.  But Ms. Nestful, Timmy’s mother who lived across the street, complained that all the blinking was prohibiting her baby from sleeping.  Drake missed the pretty black lights.  He used to sit in his white plastic chair under the moonlight and marvel at how they changed the appearance of things.  Ka sa ra, sa rah.

But Mr. Smith, who lived next door, was the crankiest person on the block!  It all started about a month ago when Drake obtained a white wolf he’d befriended on the edge of a forest, about fifty miles from the inner city... 

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