vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

Vampire Stories

vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

Mirror Image - A human hull transformed into an everlasting prince of the night, a Vampire. So much is gained, but not without loss.

One with so many powers is now powerless to gaze into a simple looking glass.  What does this malaise represent? No turning back? A release from mankind, yet the need for mankind in order to survive?

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Short Vampire Stories -  Goat’s Pine Box A la Mode

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn


Goat lived in a valley that was sparsely clothed with pines, red cedars, and sumac that turned a vivid red each autumn.  As so was the season, for autumn had settled in for a brief visit that soon would welcome winter.


The valley wasn’t a well-populated area, though every now and then a few visitors would drop in to admire the moon and stars.  Away from the overpowering lights of the city, the sky transformed into an enchanting black cave of diamonds.

Sometimes the city people would leave edible goodies behind.  He had especially enjoyed the taco salad that the blond-headed lady had left there last week.

 The hot salsa had added a kick that was quite enjoyable for a change.  Exotic foods had a certain appeal to them, Goat thought in recollection.

Night was still far away, several hours before the warm face of the sun would vanish.  Goat was content, enjoying an afternoon brunch of fallen pine that was scattered about the north end of the valley.  

He’d never ventured this far into the valley, for his herd preferred the east.  The sunrise came sooner there, making it easier to view edible treasures of nature at first light.  

Goat had never found pine to be so tender as this current feast.  He made a mental note to experiment with the pine on the east side of the valley that evening.

The vampire’s eyes sprung open like a window shade that had been released too swiftly.

What was that noise?  Whatever it was, it was virtually on top of his coffin. 

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