vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

Vampire Stories

vampires, vampire stories, vampire hunter

Mirror Image - A human hull transformed into an everlasting prince of the night, a Vampire. So much is gained, but not without loss.

One with so many powers is now powerless to gaze into a simple looking glass.  What does this malaise represent? No turning back? A release from mankind, yet the need for mankind in order to survive?

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Widow Maker - The city lay shrouded in the distance, looming like a fragile virgin clothed in white. The year was 2785.  Vincent’s keen eyesight cut through the fog, singeing over the towering steel buildings like a guided laser.  He was searching for something lost, something that he would probably never reclaim.  continue

The Haunted House - "Over here, I tell you!  The coffin is over here!"  Mona rolled her eyes up at Frank. Idiot. He was acting if he'd found the secret entrance in the wall rather than her. She had a good mind to turn back and let Frank stand his chances of being sacrificed by the coven of she-male vampires that inhabited the dungeon of the castle. . . . continue

The Crying Veil - Anna's eyes widened in terror as the wedding veil she had situated on her head was suddenly covered with blood - drops of blood.  She detected crying, pitiful crying as if someone in her head were in agony.... continue

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Vampire Beauty is Only Skin Deep - A Short Vampire Story

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn


Perhaps another line of reasoning would put her back on track.  He challenged, “Tell me, Barb. Why doesn’t the Oh Enchanted One have mirrors in her salon?  Don’t you find that a bit odd?  It's a styling shop, for gosh sakes – yet not one mirror in sight!”

“Actually, Mr. Smartie Britches, I do know why there aren’t any mirrors at the Fox & the Hound."

“Care to enlighten me?”


“It’s a gimmick – sort of like um…what wrestlers do.  It’s Zelda’s gimmick.”  

“Just like the name of her shop, eh?  The Fox & the Hound – she’s got the entire town wolfed!” Brad spat out, slinging both arms up into the air in frustration, his actions frightening away the pigeons who had doted on his crumbs mere minutes ago.  “And…and even you will have to agree that the hours operation are ridiculous!  Seven until midnight during the winter months, and nine until midnight during the summer.” 

He continued in a rush, “Cut the chase, Barbie!  You know, and I know that Zelda lures people into her magical den – she promises flawless skin, glossy hair, relaxation.  And once she has them in her web, she feeds on their blood – not by doing a total drain, mind you.  Just enough so they’ll return again, and again, and again.”


“She’s even did a number on you, Barb!”


“You’re a victim, Barb.  An unwilling victim.”

Barb could only shake her head at his ridiculous statement, for the first time in her life, totally speechless.

Brad enlightened her.  “I took the liberty of inspecting your neck the other day with my magnifying glass.  Two tiny piercing's, Barb, I swear it,” he told her, holding up two fingers in the process to make his point more pronounced.

Barb went up to grasp her neck and smooth a hand over the soft skin.  Her eyes were a bit wide now and Brad seized the opportunity.

“What harm would come if we went to Zelda tonight – just before she opens shop?  If anything, she’ll probably laugh at my ridiculous theory if she’s on the up and up.  Right?”

Barb gazed at Brad, her eyes searching his face that was hinged with an open plea.  Quite irresistible, in fact.

She sighed.  “Fine, if it means that much to you.” 

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The Vampire & The Cowboy - He had ridden so far, so long, that Jack's thighs still smelled of smoked leather from the saddle that sat astride his twenty-year old mare, Ladonya.  And the horse wasn't happy about the extended ride.  She had been blowing through her nostrils at him for the last ten minutes, the last gust a gnat's ass from Jack's ear.  continue

The Ethnic Vampire Wars -A thick layer of fog lay captive in the valley below the castle.  It was the Ethnic Vampire Wars.  continue

Fashion Statement - Vampires - Vincent revolved his dark head slightly, moving his eyes mysteriously over the crowd.  They loved him, without a doubt.  His popularity was certainly nothing to scoff about.  But would they love him still, if they knew that he was a vampire?  continue

Pretty In Pick - “Right here – pile it on right cheer,” the hick told Qieu, pointing his half-full fork of spaghetti to his plate.   continue

Goat's Pine al la Mode - Goat lived in a valley that was sparsely clothed with pines, red cedars, and sumac that turned a vivid red each autumn.  As so was the season, for autumn had settled in for a brief visit that soon would welcome winter.   continue

Sweet Tooth, Sweet Fangs - Quinn studied the box of chocolates, finding them irresistible.  continue

 Vampire Online - Jewel entered the chatroom, settling in for a relaxing night of frivolous chatter.  The chats were always entertaining, and a pretty brainless way to chill out for the evening. continue

 Oh, My Aching Fang! - “Ouch!  Don’t touch it!  Get away from me, you old sawbones!”  

“Quit being such a baby,” Monique hissed, her beautiful pale face mere inches from Sandar's.  “Well, it’s settled, dear.  You’re going to need a dentist.” continue

Vampire For Hire - It wasn’t easy, obtaining a decent night job.  In the first place, not many businesses were willing to do interviews for the night slots during the late evening hours, after the sun went down.  Being a vampire, that was the only time when Jase could face the world – during the dark of night, that is.  continue


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