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Mother Minnie & the Vampire Next Door

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

Minnie wasn't a ninny.  Sure, she was old, but she still had all her wits about her.  Therefore, when she had glimpsed her son, Sam giving his wife Yvonne a knowing look, it had triggered a rod of resentment.


"But he is a very nice vampire," Minnie insisted, beyond caring what these two children thought of her, although they were both nearing fifty themselves.  To her, they would always be children.

"Mother Minnie, you're sounding senile," Yvonne eased out carefully, coming towards her and steering her to settle on the overstuffed sofa.  "Why vampires merely exist in the pages of books-"

"And on movie screens," Sam echoed, coming to sit by his mother on the sofa.

He was a bit on the hefty side and as he situated himself on the sofa, it virtually engulfed his large frame.

Minnie formed a scowl that bled through her map of wrinkles, her tiny mouth nothing more than a small pout.  "I insist that I am not senile - and I insist that I have a wonderful and kind vampire living next door.  Why, he's always asking what he can do for me to make my life a bit easier - such as changing out the light bulbs, and watering the night lilies.  He is a night-person, you know."

Sam bent his elbow and drew a hand to his chin, his face relaxing into a thoughtful expression.  "So that's why we never see the bugger, eh?  Always in bed at the crack of dawn."

"Mother Minnie, don't you think that it's time that we checked into more comfortable living quarters," Yvonne suggested, drawing up her mother-in-law's wrinkled old hands.  "Where you can be with....others of your kind," she tacked on a bit awkwardly.

"We?  My kind?" Minnie mocked, easing her hands from Yvonne's tight clutch.  "I am perfectly comfortable here.  I like it here.  And I intend to stay here until the last breath in me is gone!"

Yvonne scanned a look of pity over Minnie's resolute face, then shared another knowing look with Sam. continue

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