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The Vampire Bat, el Desmodus rotundas, an Online Vampire Story

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn


Blood sucking demon? Flying devil? Parasite from Hades? Could these cruel descriptions be related to our little winged friend, the Vampire Bat?

Yes, I'm afraid so.

However, the myths and legends that portray these winged lovelies are highly exaggerated.

The vampire bat is one of the most fascinating creatures in existence today.

In fact, we're really lucky to have them considering that a good deal of people run in panic-mode, generally killing or annihilating anything they are frightened of, or that they don't understand.

To make matters worse, our little vampire bat excites both of those qualities, yet in reality he's far from fearsome. However, he is a bit misunderstood.

The three species of vampire bats in today's world reside in Central and South America.

Their name stems from the legendary vampires, the ones that come out of their graves at night to suck blood from the living.

Like 'human' vampires, the vampire bat feeds on blood. Its food source consists of cattle, horses, birds, pigs, and yes, sometimes humans.


Feeding is accomplished by puncturing the skin of the victim, a rather painless process. So painless, that the victim is usually unaware of it.

How could a victim of a vampire bat remain totally unaware of the feeding frenzy?

For one, vampire bats secrete a chemical found in their saliva which numbs the victim's skin.

Another reason that the victim remains unaware of the feasting bat is because it's very tiny, only about the size of a grown man's thumb; it's wingspan rarely exceeds eight inches.

In addition, its teeth are sharp like glass, and able to make very tiny cuts in the skins of their victims.

And finally, the victims are usually asleep during the process. Due to the numbing effects of the saliva, they generally remain sleeping through the feeding.

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