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Werewolf Meets a Gypsy - Once upon a time there lived a sweet werewolf and a cranky old gypsy.  The werewolf had come to accept his curse with time, deciding to make the best out of a bad situation.  No sense in remaining bitter about his wolf curse and full moons.   continue

The Crystal Ball - A gypsy caravan had been through the area last night leaving behind a fog so thick that one could cut it with a knife.    continue

Caravan of Gypsies - Ten tipsy gypsies set off for adventure one summer day.  A few steps down the road, they met a man selling tambourines.   continue

Gypsy King - Once upon a time there lived a naughty gypsy king named Ferka.  Gypsy King Ferka did not like rules one little bit.  For example, whenever he walked on a sidewalk, rather than avoiding all the cracks so he wouldn't chance breaking his mother's back, Gypsy King Ferka stepped on all the sidewalk cracks.  continue

Silver Dollar Gypsy - Syeira was a beautiful gypsy who loved nothing more than belly dancing the night away.   continue


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Werewolf - The Companion, a short werewolf story

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

"Helene, I asked before I boarded to come here if I could bring my companion with me and you said yes-"


"That was before I learned your companion is a mongrel of sorts!" Helene shot back, jutting her jaw out in defiance.  "Why, it's not even a domesticated ...thing."

Lucy's hands were shaking mildly as she held tight to Fluffy's leash as her older sister, Helene, continued to slash her with cutting remarks.  The fact of the matter was that her sister wasn't much to look at herself, and she had no right to criticize man nor beast.  

Helene was a comfortable old maid with a huge, empty house on her hands - a house that should have been half Lucy's when their parents had died thirteen years ago.

Lucy observed her elder sister's raven-black hair waving in the wind, the gusts making quick strings of the thin mix that generally sat astride Helene's head in a tight bun in an intense effort to hide its thinness.   But today, the wind had saw fit otherwise.  However, their dead mother's rhinestone Tierra was in place, situated in the front of the tangled web of raven hair looking as ridiculous as usual - something so beautiful tarnished by something so comely.  The Tierra was also suppose to have passed to Lucy at her mother's death, but Helene's claws had stuck well into the jeweled treasure.

Lucy had been counting on Helene's benevolence to reside for just a short time at the estate - an unwise assumption on her part, for her sister had never been kind at heart, rather ruthless and greedy.  So here she stood, homeless, with no place to call her own, and with no place to go - her only possessions locked inside a small bag, and of course, her beloved wolf, Fluffy.

When Helene finally wound down, Lucy asked her in a soft tone, "Please.  I am begging you to let Fluffy stay.  It's only for a fortnight - by then I should have my first check from the inn."

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Featured Werewolf Stories

 Dances With Wolfbane - If you will look closely within these shrouded walls, you will see a castle knitted into a cove.  Below the castle lies no gate, lies no walls, lies no clinging ivy - but a thatch of wolfbane, a wilting thatch of wolfbane.  And within the castle walls resides Shernoff, man about the town by day, werewolf by night... continue

Nine Inch Nails - One hot August night, Sally examined her hands under the full moon sailing high overhead. She detested her hands, in particular her nails.  So boxy, so brittle, so wavy and too short.   continue

Cane Walker  - Once upon a time there was a young man obsessed with canes.  During the holidays, he bought out all the candy canes in town.     continue

Unchained Werewolf - Sebastian dimmed the lantern he had been swinging from his extended arm, trying to catch sight of what was making a hideous howling noise in the distance.  The near distance, at that...  continue

Six Pack Wolf Pack -  Original Werewolf poem by Sky Taylor.  continue

Moon Hunters - Charlie was a werewolf.  Had been since his early forties.  Situated on the edge of a precipice, he gazed upon the village below which he now knew was a pooling of idiots, blinded by evil - the evil that now hunted him.  continue

Shadow Rider -  The night was young.  The yellow sun had vacated the cloudless sky a short hour ago leaving behind a shroud of intense heat.  continue

There Wolf!  -There was something extremely odd about Dafney's date. He had an awful lot of hair, his upper lip kept quavering like a horse in heat, and he smelled a bit....wild, as if he'd been sleeping outdoors with a pack of wolves.  continue

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