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Werewolf Meets a Gypsy - Once upon a time there lived a sweet werewolf and a cranky old gypsy.  The werewolf had come to accept his curse with time, deciding to make the best out of a bad situation.  No sense in remaining bitter about his wolf curse and full moons.   continue

The Crystal Ball - A gypsy caravan had been through the area last night leaving behind a fog so thick that one could cut it with a knife.    continue

Caravan of Gypsies - Ten tipsy gypsies set off for adventure one summer day.  A few steps down the road, they met a man selling tambourines.   continue

Gypsy King - Once upon a time there lived a naughty gypsy king named Ferka.  Gypsy King Ferka did not like rules one little bit.  For example, whenever he walked on a sidewalk, rather than avoiding all the cracks so he wouldn't chance breaking his mother's back, Gypsy King Ferka stepped on all the sidewalk cracks.  continue

Silver Dollar Gypsy - Syeira was a beautiful gypsy who loved nothing more than belly dancing the night away.   continue


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Werewolf Short Story - Moon Hunters

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

Charlie was a werewolf.  Had been since his early forties.  Situated on the edge of a precipice, he gazed upon the village below which he now knew was a pooling of idiots, blinded by evil - the evil that now hunted him.


For centuries, Charlie had battled and conquered evil, and had protected the village which had prospered greatly from his good heart.  But the village had been recently greeted by two, quite handsome Moon Hunters, those who hunt the Man Wolf.

The hunt would soon begin with the rising of the full moon.  How he wished that he would not have framed his trust in the people of the village.  Those who he once considered his dear friends would now hunt him, returning hatred for kindness.

Charlie gazed at his battered body, the scars and old wounds he had accumulated over the years had protected and fended off the evil from the village.  He had been their dark cloak and their dark hero, but not anymore.

He breathed in a deep breath of the cool air, expelling a haunting howl through the moonlit air, his thoughts becoming garbled as he started his transformation.  He would not run.  He was so tired, tired of so much giving to those who served only take from him.  There were givers and takers on this earth, and Charlie was a giver.  He was also noble and more than ready to give himself up to the Moon Hunters.

Weary and worn, he slipped from his gazing place, almost eagerly running towards the village, eager to get it finished - what little life was left for him.  And then he stopped.  

All was deathly quiet.

Suddenly, the area was lit up by the light of a torch and Charlie shielded his wolf-face, because the brightness overtook him.  And when he was able to focus, what he saw before him almost overtook his whole being, for he shook with emotion.

For there, on two trees hung two Moon Hunters in line with the full moon.  Charlie had come home, to his faithful people of the village......

Featured Werewolf Stories

 Dances With Wolfbane - If you will look closely within these shrouded walls, you will see a castle knitted into a cove.  Below the castle lies no gate, lies no walls, lies no clinging ivy - but a thatch of wolfbane, a wilting thatch of wolfbane.  And within the castle walls resides Shernoff, man about the town by day, werewolf by night... continue

Nine Inch Nails - One hot August night, Sally examined her hands under the full moon sailing high overhead. She detested her hands, in particular her nails.  So boxy, so brittle, so wavy and too short.   continue

Cane Walker  - Once upon a time there was a young man obsessed with canes.  During the holidays, he bought out all the candy canes in town.     continue

Unchained Werewolf - Sebastian dimmed the lantern he had been swinging from his extended arm, trying to catch sight of what was making a hideous howling noise in the distance.  The near distance, at that...  continue

Six Pack Wolf Pack -  Original Werewolf poem by Sky Taylor.  continue

Moon Hunters - Charlie was a werewolf.  Had been since his early forties.  Situated on the edge of a precipice, he gazed upon the village below which he now knew was a pooling of idiots, blinded by evil - the evil that now hunted him.  continue

Shadow Rider -  The night was young.  The yellow sun had vacated the cloudless sky a short hour ago leaving behind a shroud of intense heat.  continue

There Wolf!  -There was something extremely odd about Dafney's date. He had an awful lot of hair, his upper lip kept quavering like a horse in heat, and he smelled a bit....wild, as if he'd been sleeping outdoors with a pack of wolves.  continue

Midnight, Twilight, Daylight - Midnight.  Joe was preparing for his transformation as he glimpsed a full yellow moon flying high overhead through his open penthouse window.  He was three flights up, feeling closer to the moon than to the street below, but the jump from the window would be a piece of cake once the transformation occurred.  continue

The Companion -   "Helene, I asked before I boarded to come here if I could bring my companion with me and you said yes-"  continue

I Want to Eat a Sheep - Little Sheep stood contentedly munching on the tender green grass of the valley floor as the sun sank in the western sky. Night would soon capture the day, but at least a full moon hung high overhead.  Sheep liked full moons for they were bright and helped in keeping the wild wolves at bay. continue

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