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Mirror Image - A human hull transformed into an everlasting prince of the night, a Vampire. So much is gained, but not without loss.

One with so many powers is now powerless to gaze into a simple looking glass.  What does this malaise represent? No turning back? A release from mankind, yet the need for mankind in order to survive?

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Widow Maker - The city lay shrouded in the distance, looming like a fragile virgin clothed in white. The year was 2785.  Vincentís keen eyesight cut through the fog, singeing over the towering steel buildings like a guided laser.  He was searching for something lost, something that he would probably never reclaim.  continue

The Haunted House - "Over here, I tell you!  The coffin is over here!"  Mona rolled her eyes up at Frank. Idiot. He was acting if he'd found the secret entrance in the wall rather than her. She had a good mind to turn back and let Frank stand his chances of being sacrificed by the coven of she-male vampires that inhabited the dungeon of the castle. . . . continue

The Crying Veil - Anna's eyes widened in terror as the wedding veil she had situated on her head was suddenly covered with blood - drops of blood.  She detected crying, pitiful crying as if someone in her head were in agony.... continue

The Ethnic Vampire Wars -A thick layer of fog lay captive in the valley below the castle.  It was the Ethnic Vampire Wars.  continue



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Caravan of Gypsies

A gypsy story Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

Ten tipsy gypsies set off for adventure one summer day.  A few steps down the road, they met a man selling tambourines.  He told them that he wasn't having much luck selling his tambourines, and that unless he sold at least one today, then he would have no supper.


The ten tipsy gypsies invited the tambourine salesman to hop on board and tag along with them.  They sealed a bargain with the salesman who agreed that he would  allow the gypsies to use his tambourines to entertain crowds and in turn, they would feed him.  So the salesman hopped on board.

As the tipsy gypsies and salesman  bounced along the trail in the gypsy wagon, the salesman silently congratulated himself for the ingenious scheme he had used on the tipsy gypsies.  Once they made camp and night fell, the salesman planned to rob them, then cash in on his takings.

The gypsies were wearing a good deal of jewelry that looked quite expensive, and the table inside the gypsy wagon held a mystic crystal ball that the salesman was certain would bring a lot of money.

By and by, the tipsy gypsies and the tambourine met a man walking down the lane in a humble manner. When the gypsies addressed him, he told them his sad story, "Tonight, the full moon rises and this man will be no more until the setting sun."

The salesman thought the stranger must have been out in the sun for too long because his words were a confused bag.  Nonetheless, the gypsies seemed to understand the man's situation and invited him to join them - which the stranger gladly did.

Night fell quickly and as the tipsy gypsies soaked up precious embers of sleep, the salesman began cleaning out the wagon, stuffing the jewelry and crystal ball into the hempsack that once contained cheap, tin tambourines.

He was a hair away from home-free when he was clasped by the nape of the neck by the humble man the gypsies had invited to join them on their journey - only the stranger wasn't so humble anymore, and he looked more beast than man.

As the tipsy gypsies slept in peaceful slumber, the not-so-humble werewolf enjoyed a tasty but tough side of Tambourine Salesman for supper.  Come morning, all of the gypsies belongings were back in their proper places.  The werewolf and gypsies continued their journey and enjoyed a friendship that lasted a lifetime.

Moral of the story:  You can fool some of the gypsies some of the time, but you can never out-wolf a werewolf.

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Werewolf Meets a Gypsy - Once upon a time there lived a sweet werewolf and a cranky old gypsy.  The werewolf had come to accept his curse with time, deciding to make the best out of a bad situation.  No sense in remaining bitter about his wolf curse and full moons.   continue

The Crystal Ball - A gypsy caravan had been through the area last night leaving behind a fog so thick that one could cut it with a knife.    continue

Caravan of Gypsies - Ten tipsy gypsies set off for adventure one summer day.  A few steps down the road, they met a man selling tambourines.   continue

Gypsy King - Once upon a time there lived a naughty gypsy king named Ferka.  Gypsy King Ferka did not like rules one little bit.  For example, whenever he walked on a sidewalk, rather than avoiding all the cracks so he wouldn't chance breaking his mother's back, Gypsy King Ferka stepped on all the sidewalk cracks.  continue

Silver Dollar Gypsy - Syeira was a beautiful gypsy who loved nothing more than belly dancing the night away.   continue

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