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Mirror Image - A human hull transformed into an everlasting prince of the night, a Vampire. So much is gained, but not without loss.

One with so many powers is now powerless to gaze into a simple looking glass.  What does this malaise represent? No turning back? A release from mankind, yet the need for mankind in order to survive?

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Widow Maker - The city lay shrouded in the distance, looming like a fragile virgin clothed in white. The year was 2785.  Vincentís keen eyesight cut through the fog, singeing over the towering steel buildings like a guided laser.  He was searching for something lost, something that he would probably never reclaim.  continue

The Haunted House - "Over here, I tell you!  The coffin is over here!"  Mona rolled her eyes up at Frank. Idiot. He was acting if he'd found the secret entrance in the wall rather than her. She had a good mind to turn back and let Frank stand his chances of being sacrificed by the coven of she-male vampires that inhabited the dungeon of the castle. . . . continue


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 Dances With Wolfbane - Part 1

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

(Or Shernoff, How Does Your Garden Grow?)

If you will look closely within these shrouded walls, you will see a castle knitted into a cove.  Below the castle lies no gate, lies no walls, lies no clinging ivy - but a thatch of wolfbane, a wilting thatch of wolfbane.  And within the castle walls resides Shernoff, man about the town by day, werewolf by night...


Shernoff drew the Acme binoculars away from his dark eyes, catching sight of the wizened old woman moving slowly up the hill leading to the castle; his castle.  For six pence she had promised him that she could revive the wolfbane by nightfall.  

 And as it was a night to be overshadowed by a full moon, Shernoff was restless and wanted The Old One to be gone as swiftly as possible.  If not for his unsettling spirits over the wilted wolfbane, Death Itself could not have persuaded him to invite a stranger within these walls this day.  

But he had an overpowering need, a craving for wolfbane that needed to be satisfied. And The Old One best work her magic fast, for Shernoff was set on having a feast of his wolfbane with some tasty romaine before moonrise!

He hastened down the 40 steps of the spiral staircase, making his way towards the massive doors where The Old One stood knocking.  As he slowly cranked the door open, it creaked loudly, The Old One slowly materializing before him.

Before he could get a good gawk at her face, she twisted her head away from his view and he narrowed his eyes at her in disappointment.  She was a bony old thing, a dried up old thing - a nothing.  She had told him earlier that day that she had some dental work performed - false teeth if he correctly recalled.  Nonetheless, he didn't give a rat's snout about The Old One's teeth - as long as she could rescue his dying wolfbane - that was all he required.  And she came highly recommended by the local Home Sweet Home store.

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The Gypsy Tearoom - What does a gypsy love more than anything in the universe?   continue

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Beneath a Gypsy Moon -  A full moon hung high over the night corridor.  The screech of a barn owl could be heard in the distance and it eerily mingled with the metal chimes of the dancing gypsy.   She had arrived alone this evening beneath a full moon that bore a misted halo and the promise of rain.  And there she danced before the small crowd of used car salesmen.  continue

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