Nature Photography by Sky Taylor

Picture of Ghost Cat

Adorable Big-Eyed Ghost Cat


I'd never seen a cat that looked like him and he was quite beautiful.

He lives in a nearby feed store and is quite regal. He will allow you to look at him - to admire him but he's not into snuggling like many cats, which is fine by me.

He even took the time to pose while I photographed him.

He has a special bed, which sort of makes him look kingly as it's a bit elevated.

I thought that he had the most beautiful eyes - very glass-like.

His mouth forms a cute triangle, too which is quite adorable.

I believe that his name is Cornelius which actually seems quite fitting. He is the fattest cat that I've ever seen, and obviously well loved and adored by his owners.

Settings, Camera, Lighting Use

This photograph was shot with the Panasonic LX5 in natural light, without use of a tripod.

ghost cat

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