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 Ghost Stories - Poisoned Ivy Continued, Page 3

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn



"Forget it," he tossed out, slinging his hand at her as a curt dismissal.

And for the first time, he noticed something very 'rash' about Ivy.  Her white tattered shroud was stained with oil and the visible hands looked engulfed in large whelps, as if they'd been dipped in the Ugly Vat.

"Have you been sashaying around the poison ivy, Ivy?" Ti wanted to know.

"Yes, the plant with three leaves that hold the berries that birds find tasty," she admitted with a slight groan.

 "You need calamine," Ti decided.  "Come with me!"

Ivy floated behind him as he made tracks towards the cabin and then waited outside for him to return.  Carefully, he rubbed a delicious pink lotion over her raw, itchy, cold hide that brought instant relief and then she vanished before his eyes but not before delivering a sincere, "Thank you!"

Ti sank into a peaceful sleep as never before in his life.  And when he awoke the following morning, a small chest of silver was anchored by his front door, seaweed still leached about its belly and tinged with a light shade of pink....

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