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Female Ghost Stories

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn


The Crying Veil - Anna's eyes widened in terror as the wedding veil she had situated on her head was suddenly covered with blood - drops of blood.  

She detected crying, pitiful crying as if someone in her head were in agony.... Click to Read  

The Lace Curtain - The graveyard lay in the misted distance.  Kayla fingered the dingy lace curtain with high anticipation of catching a glimpse of the apparition that had appeared nightly for the last thirty days.  

It had began on the first of the month.  This month.  This unusually hot and blustery October month.  Click to Read  

Poisoned Ivy - The moaning grew louder, emitting eerily from the forest walls.  Ti wasn't so certain anymore that the noise was the sound of lovers, as the area was a cove for kindling romance.  

Had he not known better, he would have sworn the sound was the sound of a ghost!  Click to Read


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