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 Ghost Stories - The Crying Veil

Written by Sky Taylor, Sky at Dawn

Act 1


Unrequited love gets even...

Anna smoothed her hands over the lace of the beautiful wedding gown. She had purchased it for a song.  Imagine, a $6,000 gown for one-tenth the price!   And the shoppe owner had been most urgent in completing the sale, as if Anna might have changed her mind.

Standing in front of the exquisite mirror framed in gold, she held up the gown to her too-thin form and swayed back and forth, so happy!  Her eyes seized her face and as she performed a self-analysis, she knew her weak points in life. She wasn't pretty - never had been. Hopefully, age would mellow that out as it did for some.  She was also spontaneous, which could be both a strong and weak point because she acted on the strings of her heart the majority of the time, rather than using her good sense.

 But she certainly didn't lack a smart mind, for it was responsible for helping her achieve her small fortune. She might not be the prettiest girl at the ball, but she was certainly the richest!  However, she was as generous as she was rich, and that was perhaps her strongest point in life.

Her engagement to Russell had been abrupt - that spontaneous trait seizing the moment when he had unexpectedly proposed. She barely knew him - just short of six weeks. But he loved her, of that she was certain. He was the only man who'd ever shown an interest in her rather than in her money.  Perhaps it was because he was equally successful in the financial field; the cattle industry had been very good to Russell.

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