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Beauty is Only Skin Deep

Please Won't You be My Neighbor

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Written by Sky at Dawn

Craving a little Vampirific adventure?  Then thumb through our Vampire Article Vault.  It was created specifically with you in mind.  Nothing gory.  Nothing blood curdling.  Some funny stuff.  Some tiny scary moments.  But nothing you can't handle. Now, strap on those protective undergarments and let's get going.... 

Many of our following vampire adventures are set in the west - for all of you country-minded, western-loving readers. By the way, I'm one of those myself:

Others involve modern day vampires and the pesky obstacles that get in their way. But such is life.....or should we amend that to, 'Such is the Living Dead?'

The Vampire & The Cowboy

Goat's Pine Box Ah-La Mode


The Ethnic Vampire Wars

Fashion Statement - Vampires

Vampire Online

Pretty In Pick

Oh, My Aching Fang!

Vampire For Hire

Beauty is Only Skin Deep

The Old Bat

Please Won't You be My Neighbor

How to Speak Volumes Using Your Eyes

Vampire Show-Stopper, Let the Show Begin

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