Nature Photography & Campfire Stories

The house at Sky at Dawn is filled with beautiful pictures of nature. If you love wildlife as much as I do - and scenic pictures, and black & white photographs, and landscapes, and still life photography, and pictures of stormy days - and mountains - get the picture at this point, I'm sure - then I hope you enjoy the photographs & campfire stories posted here.

Let's begin with some awesome pictures of nature!

This picture was taken on a stormy, cloudy day at Lake Mineral Wells State Park in Texas.  These boats have been anchored at this spot for many years - so they are probably rentals. See More Scenic Photography

Lake Mineral Wells State Park

Boats on a Cloudy Day

Beautiful tiger - using soft focus feature. See More Wildlife Photography

Little Meerkat in black & white. See More Black & White Photography

An historic graveyard located. There are massive hickory trees planted throughout this area. This was shot at Fort Parker State Park, in Texas.

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